Corporate Equality: From Theory to Practice

On International Women's Day, and especially this year, at Logifruit we want to emphasize the female talent in our teams, and vindicate it.

The crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has had a particularly negative impact on the employment situation of women, according to the International Labor Organization. National and international organizations claim that the health crisis has aggravated the gender gaps and inequalities that women already faced.

That is why we want to insist on one of Logifruit’s fundamental principles: employee equity. A value that is applied in a transversal way and that is materialized in the II Equal Opportunity Plan, a guide of conduct to guarantee equal rights and opportunities for growth within the company.

Within the organization, there is no salary gap between male and female employees of the company. The remuneration policy followed by the company shows that, given an equal position, there is no difference in salary, since the entire Logifruit workforce has remuneration based on an agreement that does not distinguish between the genders.

Logifruit’s II Equality Plan was approved in 2018, and guarantees equal treatment and opportunities between women and men employees of the company. In addition to non-discrimination, diversity and equal integration of all the people who make up the company’s workforce, it has specific measures divided into the following areas: access to employment, professional classification, promotion and training, remuneration, work-life balance and work-time management, occupational health and prevention of gender-based harassment, and communication.ión del tiempo de trabajo, salud laboral y prevención del acoso por razón de sexo y comunicación.

Key points of our Equality Plan

Zero tolerance policy for harassment:

Behavior such as sexual harassment or gender discrimination has no place in our society. This is why we work to raise staff awareness and provide them with the tools to report in the event of any inappropriate behavior. We promote an atmosphere of trust and transparency to ensure the satisfaction of the people who work in the company. All employees can access information on what to do in the event of harassment or discrimination by consulting the collective bargaining agreement, which shows the procedure for dealing with this type of labor conflict. 

Against discrimination:

Logifruit is committed to diversity and equality in its workforce. In a hyper-connected environment that embraces technological innovations at a faster pace every day, diversity in teams and workforces will provide us with the necessary sensitivity to continue innovating and advancing.


This is why we cannot tolerate any kind of discrimination and have developed a specific policy to promote a prejudice-free work environment in terms of employment, training and promotion.

Equal opportunities and work-family balance:

Organizations are made up of people, they are at the heart of our model and we are very sensible to the needs of work-family balance and work disconnection in our teams.

We provide measures such as reduced working hours and the hiring of people to work exclusively on weekends, with the aim of facilitating the reconciliation of family and work life.

The company continues to implement and improve the necessary protocols to control and monitor the work disconnection in a complex environment, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, where remote work and flexible working hours have been promoted.

We consider the II Equal Opportunity Plan to be a fundamental document, but it is also a living document that the company constantly revises to adapt it to the needs that arise and to prevent it from becoming an outdated guide.

However, one obstacle to true equality that organizations continue to encounter is changing the traditional dynamic between men and women when it comes to taking care of children or family members. As a company, we can inform and raise awareness, but it is up to each individual to make a real difference. The health crisis cannot be a step backwards in terms of equality and we must be aware that we continue to set an example for the new generations.