From the 3R to the 6R

Logifruit evolves the concept of the 3Rs of the circular economy with a model that is committed to an expanded system of Rs: Rationalize, Reduce, Redesign, Reuse, Repair and Recycle.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. These three concepts are the three commandments of the circular economy, also known as the 3Rs, which contribute to a model of sustainable growth and eco-efficiency.

Logifruit designed, on this premise, its business model, focused on the washing, sanitizing, sorting, storage and rental of boxes, pallets and pallets for the transport of consumer goods in the supply network.

Over the past 25 years, we have implemented the 3Rs of the circular economy to create a model that is committed to innovation, with the aim of minimizing the impact of our activity on the environment and achieving the goal of zero waste.

However, at Logifruit, we are aware that we can always go one step further and, therefore, we are constantly working to optimize our products and processes.

As a result of this commitment, in 2005, we launched our first folding carton model, which allows us to move a larger number of containers in each transport, with the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions. In addition, with the introduction of modular crates, we facilitate the repair, extending even more the useful life of the container.

Thanks to its experience, Logifruit has been expanding these traditional 3Rs, evolving towards its own system, which has allowed us to establish three new actions, with respect to the traditional model of the circular economy. This is how we have created our 6R system: Rationalize, Reduce, Redesign, Reuse, Repair and Recycle.

The Logifruit model. The 6R system

Rationalize, redesign and repair are the new 3Rs, which are part of Logifruit’s DNA. But what is their contribution to our circular economy model?

The R for repair was the first of the variables to be introduced, thanks to the modular layout of our crates, pallets and pallets. This design allows us to replace damaged parts quickly and easily without having to discard the rest of the product. In addition, the parts that cannot be repaired are sent for recycling, to be shredded to produce new containers.

On the other hand, the R for rationalize arises from our commitment to reduce the impact of each of our processes, in order to do more with less. To this end, we are committed to the continuous implementation of improvements that allow us to make better use of resources such as water and energy, among others.

Finally, the R for redesign is part of our commitment to the search for more efficient designs, both for our packaging and for our processes.

From the 3Rs to the 6Rs. This has been Logifruit’s path over the last 25 years. But we continue to move forward and we are committed to innovation to enhance sustainability at all levels.

You can always go one step further. At Logifruit, we try to do it every day.