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Opening up sustainable paths in logistics

Logifruit innovacion tecnologia procesos logisticos


The birth of Logifruit

Beginning of the activity as a logistic operator to give service to Mercadona’s fruit and vegetable suppliers, with the purpose of creating a sustainable, innovative and economic model.

Logifruit innovacion tecnologia procesos logisticos


The first openings

Inauguration of the Riba Roja del Túria platform (Valencia) as well as the Albatera, Antequera and Getafe delegations. The company joined the National Association of Manufacturers and Distributors (AECOC).


Consolidation of a logistics model

Logifruit moves 26 million containers and the staff already counts 125 employees. The customer portfolio has been extended in recent years to include suppliers of meat, sausages, eggs and fish, among others. More platforms are also being opened, such as Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca and Tarrasa.


Innovating in product

Launch of the first folding box model. Logifruit introduces at the same time the plastic pallet in the food distribution in Spain, a washable, reusable, recyclable pallet and optimal for the distribution supply chain.


Sustainable and sustained growth

Opening of new facilities in Villadangos. The folding box model 316 is launched. Logifruit reaches 174 million container movements.

Logifruit innovacion tecnologia procesos logisticos


Commitment to human values

Adherence to the UN Global Compact SDOs for private sector business sustainability, visibility of the company’s CSR strategy In addition, the half-palot 43 is launched.


Anniversary of a circular model

Logifruit is celebrating twenty years of a total quality model based on sustainable growth and leading the circular economy as the present and future of the company.


Vitoria: 100% automated platform

Inauguration of new facilities in Vitoria to cover the northern area of the peninsula with a client portfolio of 846. The workforce exceeds 1,000 employees.


Logifruit: sustainable and inclusive

Signature of the new Collective Agreement and the second Equality Plan. Implementation of the Code of Ethics and Conduct. In its commitment to sustainability, Logifruit promotes the changeover from rigid to folding boxes, reaching 293 million packaging movements.


Innovation in the DNA

Logifruit strengthens its position as an innovative company
being recognized by the London Stock Exchange as one of the European companies with the most growth potential within the initiative: “1000 companies to inspire Europe”.


Logifruit, redesigning logistics

Start of activity in Portugal, where the company continues to expand its sustainable transportation model.