Innovation at Logifruit

In a hyper-competitive and fast-paced environment, we believe that in order to anticipate and understand our customers’ current and future needs, an innovation approach that incorporates technology, reinvents processes and attracts talent to our organization is vital.

All this, to become a logistics technology company. For us, innovation is the capacity to generate changes in terms of value.

On what principles do we base our innovation?

Our approach to innovation aims to be:


Connected to the ecosystem: innovation is global, and as such we must be able to establish processes that allow us to identify it, understand it and connect it with the organization.


Transformational for the organization: our innovation does not focus on product or process, it seeks the transformation and evolution of our 360º organization, providing knowledge and valuable solutions for our areas in order to build our evolutionary path.


Agile and iterative: it is key to be able to incorporate knowledge and changes with agility to build an innovation model.

How do we do it?

1. We explore innovative international trends and solutions

Innovation is not specific to an organization or an ecosystem, it can emerge anywhere and organizations must be able to identify it. For this, Logifruit has an Observatory, capable of identifying, processing and understanding the changes that occur at a social, economic and technological level, reflecting on the impact of these changes on the present and future of the organization.

This process allows us to approach innovative solutions such as start-ups, which can propose an improvement or disruption to a previously identified internal challenge.

2. We connect these trends with our internal challenges.

This knowledge generated in the ecosystem is of little value if we cannot connect it internally, making it spread throughout the organization. To this end, we work to connect the best solutions with the challenges of each internal area.

In this way, we are catalysts for a cross-cutting impact.

3. We lead initiatives and projects with a transversal, disruptive and transformational character and transformational.

Given the novelty and disruptive nature of some of these solutions, we accompany the start up together with the internal area in the innovation process to ensure that validation takes place.

Our approach is eminently collaborative and open… do you have an innovative solution or challenge to present to us?