Logifruit: 24 years leading the Green Logistics in Spain

Logifruit was born in 1996 seeking to provide a more economical and especially more sustainable response to the transport of food products.
Logifruit containers in the Mercadona's fruit and vegetables shelf, 1996.

Since the beginning, Logifruit’s model was conceived as a circular process in which the containers made a closed circuit, a model that has been perfected thanks to the close collaboration with customers and suppliers, the innovations applied to the processes and the synergies developed with the supply network. All these factors have made Logifruit an example of the Circular Economy.

Applying an innovative approach, the company has been automating processes in pursuit of a more ergonomic and safe environment for its employees. The close collaboration with suppliers has allowed both improvements in processes and workflows as well as in the containers themselves, allowing them to extend their life span and achieving zero waste. The result of the cooperation of all the teams is a continuous search to accompany the customer and satisfy their needs

2020 has undoubtedly been an exceptional year, which has put all economic sectors to the test. Thanks to the work of the Logifruit crisis committee in the COVID-19 pre-alert, a double challenge was successfully faced: ensuring the well-being of all employees and dealing with the increased workload recorded during the start of the confinement in Spain.  These events have shown us that it is essential to have a flexible and agile structure, because although we do not know the challenges we will face tomorrow, we know that logistics will play an essential role in them.  

After 24 years, we are still committed to a collaborative model with all the pieces of the logistics network, with the aim of continuing to evolve towards a digital, circular, sustainable logistics network that generates a positive impact on our environment

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