Logifruit, first Spanish company to win the Plug and Play Corporate Innovation award

The Valencian logistics services company, expert in the management of reusable packaging, is recognized by the North American platform

According to Plug and Play CEO Saeed Amidi, “Logifruit has shown great commitment to our collaboration by implementing a large number of new technologies into their business. Their work is a great example of how large companies can work with startups around the world regardless of where they are located.”

“We are aware that investing in innovation will allow us to continue growing in a sustainable and sustained way, so through an open innovation approach we create co-innovation opportunities aligned with our business purpose: to connect supply networks in a sustainable way”, says Pedro Ballester, CEO of Logifruit.

In Pursuit of Cutting-Edge Innovation

Logifruit is one of the more than 350 corporations that trust Plug and Play in the pursuit of innovation in the international technology markets in order to apply the most transformative and cutting-edge processes in the logistics area on a daily basis. With 35 international locations, the company located in California continues to grow in industries such as retail, fintech, food and sustainability.

The Valencian company applies technology in logistics processes, focusing its activity on the rental of reusable plastic containers with the aim of meeting the requirements of its national and international customers in the food, drugstore, perfume and pet industries with high-value products and services.

Logifruit manages a fleet of more than 17 million containers, controlling, improving and extending their life cycle. Through processes of reduction, reutilization and recycling, it is a clear representative of the circular economy. The company has shown to be very aware of the differential value that technology brings to several of its processes, increasing its number of pilot projects significantly, obtaining very positive results, and giving international companies the opportunity to work with a large company. For this reason, the global innovation platform based in Silicon Valley has chosen Logifruit among other candidates.

As a company in constant evolution, Logifruit maintains an active and collaborative approach to the innovation ecosystem. In order to stimulate the creation of innovation projects, increase the competitiveness of its processes and become a leading logistics and technology company, it explores possible collaborations with startups, technology institutes and universities.

Source: Economia3, LasProvincias.