Logifruit receives the Lean & Green Award reaffirming its commitment to the environment

AECOC has awarded this prize to Logifruit for the development of an action plan to reduce C02 emissions by 20%, aiming to achieve greater logistics efficiency.
The award was collected by Ana Vidal, Head of the Planning Department and Manuel Díaz, Director of Operations.

The commitment to the environment is one of the pillars on which the Logifruit model is based. Our logistics activity, based on the circular economy, is an example of this, with strong focus on reducing the carbon footprint in our environment. As a result of this environmental effort, Logifruit has received the Lean & Green award, granted by the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors (AECOC).

This award recognizes the action plan presented by Logifruit, with which we have set ourselves the goal of achieving logistic efficiency, through the reduction of 20% of the CO2 emissions derived from our logistic activity.

The action plan for the emissions reduction is a reflects Logifruit’s social awareness, committed to the circular economy, innovation and sustainability in all its processes. To achieve this, we have introduced the 6Rs system (Rationalize, Reduce, Redesign, Reuse, Repair, Recycle), with which we aim not only to minimize our environmental footprint, but also to make a positive impact.

In the words of Pedro Ballester, Logifruit’s CEO, obtaining the AECOC award “It is an honor because it is a recognition for sustainability, which is in the very DNA of Logifruit. Since the beginning, we have worked with the aim of leaving a positive mark on our environment. Our adhesion to the Lean&Green program represents a commitment on our part not only to work to reduce our CO2 emissions, but also to collaborate with other companies so that, together, we can reduce the environmental impact that our logistics activity generates.”

This is Logifruit’s philosophy since 1996, when we first started our activity and began working with Mercadona on a collaborative logistics model. Through our reusable containers, we promote the efficiency and sustainability of the processes of the supermarket chain and its supply network.

What actions are part of Logifruit's action plan?

The implementation of these measures has allowed us to join the Lean & Green program, the largest European platform for collaboration to reduce supply chain emissions. With a presence in 14 countries, through more than 600 member companies, it has become a leading European community in sustainable logistics.

This way, we will have the opportunity to collaborate with other companies at a national and European level, share good practices and reaffirm ourselves as a reference of sustainability, through a transparent and traceable monitoring system.