Helping to build a more sustainable future

Responsibility towards People

Responsibility towards the Environment

Responsability towards Society

Responsibility towards Transparency

Our commitment is reflected in the
active policies that we develop

Responsibility towards People

Logifruit is aware that its greatest asset is the more than 1,185 people who make up its staff

Equality and fairness
as a sign of identity

Equality is a strategic principle of corporate policy. Since 2012, the company has been implementing equality plans, and is currently in the midst of implementing the 2nd Equality Plan, integrating the policies that ensure effective equality in treatment and opportunities, eliminating any direct or indirect bias that may affect the decisions taken within the organization.

Supporting growth

Logifruit offers the opportunity to grow and train both personally and professionally, and for this reason it invested more than 383,000 euros and more than 11,000 hours in training -both internally and externally- last year. With this, internal promotion is possible, and for example, in 2019 more than 121 employees were promoted.

Work-Family balance

Logifruit is aware of the importance of family reconciliation and therefore continuously promotes measures to facilitate this.

Automation and
hazard prevention

Thanks to an investment of 38 million euros, Logifruit’s platforms introduced new machines in 2019 that have made it possible to automate most manual processes.

Understanding the needs
of our employees

In December 2019, a new agreement was signed with the Workers’ Representatives, which continues to improve working conditions, ensuring job stability and continuous wage improvement.

Logifruit innovacion tecnologia procesos logisticos

We optimize production and sanitation processes by minimizing water and electricity consumption, through cutting edge machinery that incorporates energy saving and efficiency systems.


Responsability towards the Environment

Since its inception, Logifruit has been an environmentally responsible company, aware of the need to work from the perspective of sustainable growth that ensures future generations a healthy environment

Green Logistics

Our policy is based on the 3Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle, defining a circular economy model. Our containers are constantly reused, exceeding 120 uses in their lifetime. In addition, their design allows them to be repaired and recycled, which ensures an increasingly long useful life.


Eco-design and co-innovation facilitated the introduction of a new generation of packaging, multiplying the number of packages per pallet, saving 18,000 trucks and 882 tons of CO2.

Responsibility towards Society

Since its birth, Logifruit has been making a positive contribution to Society.


Since 2011 Logifruit has adhered to the UN Global Compact for the fulfillment of Sustainable Development Goals. 

Social action

The company actively participates in social programs such as those developed by different NGOs, such as Gavi Foundation, Red Cross, City of Hope, AECC, Vicente Ferrer Foundation, etc.

Social Commitment

Logifruit innovacion tecnologia procesos logisticos

Responsibility towards Transparency

One of our priorities is to operate with ethics and integrity. Therefore, our commitment goes far beyond legal compliance.

Logifruit seeks to be honest in its operations and transparent in its communication, providing information on its activities annually through its Sustainability Report in accordance with the GRI standard, which ensures its transparency. In addition, a channel has been set up to inform, in complete confidentiality, of any conduct that violates the law or due diligence. If you wish to notify us of any conduct, please do so through